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- The Project -

We have our heart and mind set on an ambitious project, which, like anything worthwhile, will take time to fully accomplish. While we work towards our goal of full sustainability, we invite our guests to join us in the evolution of LJs Ratxó.

LJs Ratxó is the perfect blend of contemporary luxury and tradition... and is here for you to experience it for yourself.
LJS Ratxó - Eco Luxury Retreat
Below is a list of the actions required to turn our hotel into an Eco Luxury Retreat:
LJS Ratxó - Eco Luxury Retreat
· Use of umbrellas with solar panels to illuminate the restaurant.
• Installing energy-efficient LED lights throughout the hotel.
• Use of eco-friendly cleaning products.
• Close collaboration with the local community: more than 70% of our employees come from the towns and villages near the hotel.
· Reuse of the wood of the environment to create decorative pieces.
· Use of cups made from coffee beans.
• Maximum use of local products in the menu for the restaurants and bars.
• Installation of a reverse osmosis drinking water system.
• Reduction of single-use plastics.
• Garbage compactor machine (plastic, cardboard and paper)
· Use of wooden cards as a room key.
LJS Ratxó - Eco Luxury Retreat
• Working with regional suppliers to ensure eco, bio, km0 standards
• Certification of products and processes according to international standards for environmental management.
• Implementation of a renewable energy system to produce hot water, electricity and heating.
• Implementation of a food waste recycling system, using leftovers to feed animals, and introducing composting.
• Implementation of a sustainable guest transportation system, using hybrid and electric vehicles.
• Reduction of paper consumption.
• Sourcing, cultivating and restoration endemic plants in the mountains surrounding the hotel.
• Recycling, reusing and repurposing of packaging.
· Eco-friendly water-powered gym machines.
LJS Ratxó - Eco Luxury Retreat
• Implementation of international eco-standards, such as EMAS (Eco-Management Audit Scheme), and ISO 14001, emphasizing organizational environmental performance to achieve sustainability.
• Implementation of control and monitoring tools for environmental measures.

- Organic Garden -

Having our own organic garden gives our guests the opportunity to interact even more with nature.
Just out of the reach of wild goats, the garden supplies the hotel kitchen with some organic products.
And we are working on developing some more very own products to delight our guests!
Our gastronomic offer and some of the experiences you live at LJs Ratxó happen around the garden.