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Its owner, Lisa Jane Cross, together with the interior designer Blanca Rosselló, have turned this Mallorcan estate into a refuge for lovers of the new sustainable luxury. This authentic destination hotel, located in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana (Mallorca), has its own team of 6 carpenters, who have made wood the common thread of their creative concept.

LJS Ratxó - Eco Luxury Retreat

In LJs Ratxó everything seems to have its place. Despite its cozy and extremely homely atmosphere, no detail is the result of improvisation. And it is that its luxury is intentional, and the result of the dream of its owners, Lorenzo Fluxá Domene, and Lisa Jane Cross, of making this beautiful corner of the island of Mallorca, the home of many of the travelers who decide to visit it to know its authentic DNA, that of the other Mallorca: the unknown, the unexplored, the green. A green that in the Sierra de Tramuntana is legion, and that has inspired Lisa Jane Cross, a great lover of design, and the interior designer Blanca Roselló , when creating the creative concept of this authentic 5-star, 25-room destination hotel.

LJS Ratxó - Eco Luxury Retreat

LJs Ratxó enjoys a privileged location in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana, in a 14th century estate, which occupies 2.6 million square meters of land. This lush nature,
full of holm oaks, pines and olive trees, is what Lisa and Blanca have wanted to transport inside the hotel, using the wood from their forests. In this regard, LJs Ratxó is the only hotel in Mallorca, and one of the few in the world, that has its own team of carpenters, made up of 6 professional cabinetmakers. Scraps of trees pass through their hands every day, which are discarded in the always necessary cleaning of the forests, and trunks that come from their usual pruning. And from there, just as the ancient carvers of the island did, they work their magic, turning nature into pure art. The result? Beautiful wooden boxes for bathroom amenities; supports for television controls; the most eco-friendly room numbers; stylish “do not disturb”; signs; Boho chic style lamps and terrace tables, which invite you to enjoy natural furniture, and absolutely committed to its environment.

An environment that has been respected, and wonderfully recreated, inside her à la carte restaurant “Roots”, in an interior design project that for Blanca Rosselló has meant “a beautiful adventure, which has allowed me to work, like never before, in a natural environment of great beauty, and create in its interior a space that respects the aesthetics and the Mallorcan landscape”. Built literally next to the mountain, whose spectacularity is revealed through a large window, “Roots” emulates a Mediterranean forest formed by huge trunks and branches that support its roof, and whose main pillar is covered by the trunk of a robust tree. Bouquets of light bulbs remind us of the fruit of the earth and illuminate the experience, while dry stone walls, exceptionally cut by the farm’s own “margers” to fit one another, without the need t add cement, evoke the typical terraces of the Sierra de Tramuntana. A decoration that, according to the well-known Mallorcan interior designer, “reflects Mallorca in its purest state”.