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- The Unexplored -

Surrounded by soulful mountains, wild olive trees and an abundance of native wildlife, LJs Ratxó offers a sublimely immersive experience. This off-grid retreat is a true embodiment of the kind of harmony that can exist between people and nature.

Sojourn in a room with panoramic views of a nature reserve and rise to the sound of delicate birdsong. From exploring the estate’s unspoilt surroundings and enjoying invigorating outdoor yoga classes, to feasting on earth-to-plate gastronomy and soaking up the spectacle of a starring night sky.

LJs Ratxó offers you a perfect environment to enjoy the most extraordinary adventure: YOUR LIFE. 
Discover the #metime
LJs Ratxó, the first hotel establishment of the LJs business group, which aspires to become the greenest luxury hotel in the Mediterranean.
- design -
Its owner, Lisa Jane Cross, together with the interior designer Blanca Rosselló, have turned this Mallorcan estate into a refuge for lovers of the new sustainable luxury.
- #Metime-
Discover "Me Time" and enjoy everything you never have time for at LJs Ratxó.


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